Would you live at The Mall for $700/mo?

mall chaos

Just heard about this on the radio this morning and so fascinated by it… Apparently you can – or soon can – rent an apartment at the mall for only $700/mo! Would you do it??

I’ll be honest, if I were single I’d be all over that.

First – At only $700 it would be a steal in this area as I currently pay over 3x that!

Second – I LOVE being around people, even if I’m not talking to them, so the idea that you can have thousands walking around right out your door would be so cozy to me… Kinda like your own New York City, only all indoors and much better smelling 😉

Third – TALK ABOUT CONVENIENCE!! Everything you’d need would literally be within steps of your door! And if there are Costcos and gyms and what not attached you’d have it even better. PLUS: how much more would your friends/family members now stop by than they currently do? No more excuses to not pay you a visit!

You’d also be the first one to catch all the sales going on, have food available to you pretty much any time you wanted, make a ton of new and random friends along the way, and then the most exciting perk of all – the ability to throw late night parties after everyone’s gone! Haha…

Do you know what you can do with all that open square footage a mall provides? Here’s a short list for you: dance parties, indoor races, indoor hockey leagues, hide-and-seek competitions, rollerblading challenges, pillow fights, and then if you’re really good – the world’s largest slip and slide games!

longest slip and slide

Of course, with all good things come bads too, and there are no shortage of things that could go terribly wrong here 😉

#1 – You could lose all your money shopping 24/7!

#2 – You can lose all your health EATING there 24/7!

#3 – You can lose all your patience during holiday and weekend shopping madness

#4 – You wouldn’t have a backyard or any other privacy for that matter

And then #5. YOU’D HAVE TO LIVE AT THE MALL. Which is basically the arch nemesis of all fiscally responsible people 😉

Still, makes for an interesting thing to think about at the least. And an experience you’d never forget!

This is all a concept of popular coworking/office space company, WeWork, btw (and probably others too), who are looking to convert unused spaces into more sustainable income-producing properties again. And since so many malls have empty store fronts these days, they’re thinking the owners would love to rid themselves of the eye sores and start recouping profit again!

I didn’t catch if this was *already* going on or coming in the future, but you gotta admit it’s pretty creative. Almost as much as seeing LIBRARIES popping up in previously empty store fronts! Which is exactly what I saw a few weeks ago when I visited a friend’s place and blew my mind! What a brilliant way to remind shoppers there are other – FREE – ways to be entertained! *AND* stick yourself smack in the middle of a natural location for many Americans with plenty of ample transportation options!

At any rate, we’ll see how all this transpires over the years, but if it’s a vision you think is promising whether you’d actually participate or not, it might be worth investing in once/if WeWork ever goes public one day 😉 There have been worse ideas that have turned people into millionaires! Haha…

But what do you think? Could you do it? Live at the mall if it was an option? How much would it have to cost in order for you to say yes?? 😉 Have you ever lived in a unique space before?


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