Back and ready to rock! Who’s with me??

Boy – a guy goes away for a few weeks and the stock markets crash, the government shuts down, and my beloved Redskins go on to crash and burn! I’m never leaving again!!! 😉

Not gonna lie though – it was a great escape for a few weeks spending time with my thoughts and family, and I’m finally ready to pretend I have a real job again, haha…

Ironically this blog made more money while I was away than when I was here thanks to all the New Years Resolutioners, so thanks guys!!! Don’t forget your money needs you all the other times of the year too, not just January 1st-8th!! 😉

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Here’s a list of all the stuff I accomplished while away just to remind myself I actually DID do something:

  • I decluttered my closet
  • I decluttered my emails
  • I decluttered my social media accounts (facebook/LinkedIn/twitter)
  • I turned 39
  • I visited two new cemeteries, one of which held the remains of F. Scott Fitzgerald!
  • I watched Home Alone I and Home Alone II with my boys (on repeat…)
  • I continued to grow out my beard – now heading into its 5th month!
  • I indexed a historical book I like because it had no index and it was driving me CRAZYYYY (<– this is by far the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done in my life btw, and I’m only telling you guys because you might understand?)
  • I visited Target during the work days and it was blissful
  • And I got my Christmas shopping done for the first time ever before Christmas Eve!

Oh – and my wife also got a new job! With much better pay/opportunity/and telecommuting options – provided the government ever opens back up so she can start it, womp womp…

I’ll tell you this much though – it’s a helluva lot less stressful going without paychecks when you have months of emergency funds saved up! I feel horrible for those living paycheck to paycheck and probably freaked out of their gourds right now 🙁 Just more reason why getting your finances in order is so incredibly important!! You never know what this world (or administration) will bring!! Gotta love your future self enough to make changes *today*!

So that’s what I’ve been up to over here, how about you?? Anything juicy going on with your money or life/love/career??

I heard Jim from pulled the early retirement chord on the 31st – that’s exciting!! I feel like I’m just like him, only I still very much need the money and was playing “pretend” all month, haha…

One last note before I goI’m gonna try going back to *daily* blogging here for a few weeks and see what happens… My New Years Resolution is to *experiment* more (and FASTER, without second guessing myself 24/7!), and something I’ve noticed lately is that it was much more fun/easy getting my thoughts out in shorter blurbs every day vs. skipping days, so I’m going old school again putting something out Mon-Fri and see if it gets more enjoyable/helpful for everyone.

If not, well, we’ll just pretend it never happened and go back to our usual scheduled programming again! Haha… That’s how experimenting works, right? 😉

Happy happy new year to everyone! I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one!!

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PS: If you signed up to our weekly “round up” newsletters and were wondering why you haven’t been getting any, it’s because I had to cancel them for now… Can’t really go into details about it, but by switching back to daily blogging I also hope to share a lot more of the cool stuff others are doing – starting with tomorrow 🙂 And then after that comes our latest net worth report! Which you can probably guess about how well it’s been doing! 😂


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