Comment on The Magic of Creativity and Innovation Happens Outside of Your Comfort Zone by John Balla

Hey there Brian!

There is so much to absorb in this great image, and I always learn something new and valuable from the thoughts you share. In this case, it’s precisely the point of your title – that magic happens outside of your comfort zone. I’d add a corollary to that, and it’s the idea that getting out of your comfort zone requires work (known in fitness circles as “no pain, no gain” – although it’s not always painful).

My favorite part of your message here is that “No matter what you sell, if it doesn’t connect with people – IT DOESN’T MATTER.” Why? Because it’s spot-on. In my current world of digital content-strategy, that idea looks very much like one of my mantras – which is that we should prioritize content creation and curation based on sales priorities and actual sales patterns. To me, a completed sale is the essence of a successful connection – it’s the customer who will gain value by using my company’s products and services. And when our content does a good job of building trust and articulating our value props, we’ve opened the customer’s eyes to the possibilities!


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